Hand pendant – 18K gold plated necklace


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This modern and minimalist necklace, which is forged in 925 silver and plated with a 5-micron thickness of 18K gold, represents a hand that opens towards you with a rose. The details and finishing touches of our necklaces are defined manually and with different types of tools, as well as the corresponding textures and polishing.

This modern and minimalist necklace represents a hand that opens towards you with a rose. The rose symbolises absolute success and perfection. Since Greek mythology, it has been a symbol of love as it is the representative element of the garden of Eros and is strongly linked to the figure of Venus. It is also known to represent passion and trust.

Designed in Europe, our workshop is located in Barcelona.

Base metal

925 sterling silver

Gold plating

18-carat gold plated

Chain length

60 cm

Chain thickness

1.5 mm

Pendant length

16.00 mm

Pendant width

8.00 mm

Pendant thick

8.00 mm

Quality necklace

– The base metal is 925 silver. The 18K gold plated layer is 5 microns thick which is the highest plating value in the jewelry industry.

– The precious metals used by Teseo, such as 18K gold plating and 925 silver, are certified to be sourced free from illegal exploitation and war zones.