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┬áThe House of Teseo Barcelona personally designs and creates all the men’s jewelry through artisanal craftsmanship, located in Barcelona. Going from a 3D prototype to a piece cast in wax, it then moves on to moulding, polishing, and assembly giving rise to a personalized piece of jewelry in all its splendor.

Our workshop maintains strict control all throughout the manufacturing process of each piece in order to guarantee a high level of quality expressing the vision and philosophy of the House of Teseo Barcelona to our customers. In addition, the precious metals used such as 18k gold-plated and 925 sterling silver are certified originating from areas exempt from illegal exploitation and war zones.


Teseo Barcelona was created by Carlos and Hans with their common love for fine and brilliant jewelry lines. Each creation in our collection contains authentic ideas that we have put together giving life to elegant and modern forms with a touch of history. Every single one of our pieces expresses a message, a feeling, or a symbolic entity that is uniquely interlinked with each of our creations, thereby forming their very own identity.


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